J-Robertson Training

"Inspiring fitness for life!"

Wellness Weekends

Gather some friends for a relaxing weekend away that recharges your fitness and wellness routine. I'll gladly discuss fitness related topics of your choosing or mine, prepare healthy meals, and incorporate fun fitness activities.  

The cost per person will vary depending on the menu and location of the event. 

Small Group / Special Event Training

Small group training offers many advantages of personal training with the added bonus Improved Accountability/ Camaraderie!!!

Small group training allows for more personalized attention to form, appropriate progression, accountability, and encouragement!


Benefits of a Properly Designed Strength Training Program:

  • Improved Confidence 
  • Improved Metabolic Function 
  • Decreased Fat
  • Increased Strength, Balance, & Flexibility 
  • Improved Mental Focus
  • Increase Lean Muscle Tissue 
  • Improved Speed
  • And SO MUCH MORE!!!


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