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Customized Nutrition Guidance

A successful wellness plan does not happen without proper nutrition. 

 Here we focus on whole foods non processed nutrition, with minimal ingredients that you can find in your local grocery store at affordable prices.  I will identify problematic foods that could be causing inflammation or digestive problems that could be causing bloat, IBS and extra water weight.   I work with you to achieve balanced nutrition that allows for treats and special occasions while still achieving your health goals.

 No magic pills, over priced supplements with a upline, gimmicks, or schemes . 

 Monthly Price Includes:

Detailed approved food list

Calendar to plan meals

Meal Ideas / Suggestions

Nutrition Monitoring Via MyFitnessPal

Weekly Coaching Calls 

$199 / Month

Exercise Programming & Design 

Purpose driven and progressive routines tailored to individual needs!

Beginner Level Programs  $50 / month  - Total body functional movements that lay the foundations for strength, build endurance, improve balance & core strength, and increase flexibility. INCLUDES strength and cardio progression plan

Intermediate Level Programs $75 / month - slightly more advanced exercises that increase your metabolic burn by building on the fundamentals taught in beginners to further increase strength, improve coordination, balance and flexibility.  

Advanced Level Programs $125 / month - designed to take the intermediate exerciser to the next level.  Programs are tailored to your specific goals usually related to speed, endurance, strength, fat loss or cycling multiple goals.  Participants should be familiar with basic exercises and have good form, have developed a moderate amount of strength,balance and coordination.

In person demos /training reviews - $75/ session

Personal Training

Individual Personal Training -25-55 min sessions in which I plan your workouts and keep you focused, monitor good form, and advance exercises as needed to meet desired goals.  In addition to great fun and a challenging workout all of my personal training clients receive nutrition guidance and coaching as needed!

Benefits of a Properly Designed Strength Training Program:

  • Improved Confidence 
  • Improved Metabolic Function 
  • Decrease Fat
  • Increased Strength, Balance, & Flexibility 
  • Improved Mental Focus
  • Increase Lean Muscle Tissue 
  • Improved Speed
  • And SO MUCH MORE!!!!

Session Rates  
$30/ 25 min session
$60 / 55 min session 

Consultations are Free!!!