J-Robertson Training

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Personal Training

Individual Personal Training weekly sessions in which I plan your workouts and keep you focused, monitor good form, and advance exercises as needed to meet desired goals.  

Benefits of a Properly Designed Strength Training Program:

  • Improved Confidence 
  • Improved Metabolic Function 
  • Decrease Fat
  • Increased Strength, Balance, & Flexibility 
  • Improved Mental Focus
  • Increase Lean Muscle Tissue 
  • Improved Speed
  • And SO MUCH MORE!!!!

Session Rates  
$35/ 30 min session
$65 / 55 min session 
Groups: 55 min session
2 person - $45 each / 3 person - $40 each / 4 persons - $35 each

Individualized Online Programming

Flexible programming 

Home or Gym Workouts

Detailed Monthly Calendar

Video Demos

Support from Experienced trainer and Health Coach

$50/ Month

Nutrition Guidance

Monthly Package Includes:

Detailed approved food list

Meal Planning

Nutrition Monitoring Via MyFitnessPal

Weekly Coaching Calls 

$90/ Month

Youth Athletic Development Course

At home fundamental training program designed to promote balance, strength, and flexibility for young athletes .

The program includes: 

2 Beginner Strength Workout 
1 Plyometric Cardio Circuit 
1 Conditioning Run
1 Flexibility & Mobility Workout

All workouts can be easily performed at home with only a light to medium resistance band

Workouts are easily accessible through your mobile device

Video demos with instruction included

Beginner Level 1 & Level 2 now available


Team Option: Teams can be added to the group platform and keep each other accountable and motivate

Consultations are Free!!!

For Virtual Clients 

visit : http://j-robertsontraining.trainerize.com/

and select become a client to get started