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My Healthy Holiday Survival Tips!

Posted by jrrobert02@yahoo.com on November 20, 2013 at 4:40 PM

My Holiday Survival Guide:

1. Eat what you want – that’s right! Try whatever looks appealing, put just a small taste on your plate and taste, really taste…if its good eat it, enjoy it, and go back for more if you really want. If it’s not, then don’t feel bad passing it up.

2. Make Exercise a priority – not just for the fitness / calorie burning aspect, because honestly if you are doing what you should every other day of the year 1 or 2 days of bad eating and no exercise isn’t going to make much difference. Instead make exercise a priority because you will feel better, have more energy, less bloating, and be in a overall better mood!

3. Drink More Water and Limit Alcohol - Drinking lots of water will also help reduce bloating and help squelch an appetite. Don’t get me wrong, I will likely enjoy a glass or two of wine, however when I drink my inhibitions towards food are gone and I will definitely over indulge on things I don’t really want anyway.

4. Don't Skip Meals & Don't Eat a Snack Beforehand - I don’t skip meals to save up for a big feast later. I may scale back portions to reduce the daily total calorie intake, but skipping meals only makes me eat more of the unhealthy choices later. I’ve also tried the advice to eat a high protein snack or apple before going to a gathering, however, from experience I frankly don’t give a darn once I get there and I still fall back to Tip # 1.  Therefore, likely consuming more total calories because I’ve now had two dinners, the first of which I didn’t really want in the first place.

5. Take a Healthy Side Dish - whenever we go to a gathering I always say “I’ll bring a side of _____” instead of asking “What can I bring”? This gives me a little bit of the control I crave with my food and I know there will be something there I can enjoy without guilt.

6. Don’t take leftovers home - Enjoy your favorites while you are there but don’t keep them around to wreak havoc for the following days too.

7. Laugh A lot – Take time to talk, listen, and really enjoy the people you are with, it’s a great distraction from the food table. Laugh often it burns calories, reduces stress, and works your abs! 

8. Be Grateful - make an actual list of the things you are grateful for, share it with others and reflect. This takes the focus away from any stress of the holidays and puts their meaning into perspective.

9. Be Generous – with your time, talent, and resources! Give to those you love and to those who may not expect it or even deserve it, showing generosity is contagious and you will feel great too!

10. RELAX – for me it will be the realization that no matter how hard I’ve searched for the “perfect gift” for someone, in all honesty they probably would have preferred a Gift Card.  So I’m going to stress less about all the buying and gift giving and just go with the flow if I see something I know someone would like then get it!



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