Small group training consists of 2-4 participants and offers many advantages of personal training with the added bonuses of Reduced Cost & Improved Accountability/ Camaraderie!!!!

If you are just beginning your fitness journey or if you've been focused on group fitness/cardio as your primary mode to achieve fat loss then THIS small group training is for you! I've put together the most effective & efficient way to reach your aesthetic and fitness goals by losing fat without adding bulk. You will increase your metabolic rate and be able burn more fat while you rest!  By adding as little as 2/days per week of progressive resistance training in combination with moderate cardio and guided no stress nutrition strategies you will be feeling better than ever before!

Most group fitness and/or cardio based exercise programs don’t give LASTING result….WHY?

Too much too soon - initially the weight comes off quickly, then plateau or weight gain soon follows either from burnout, injury, reduced total load, too much metabolic stress, or boredom.

There’s no progression - Stress/Damage to the muscle tissue must occur for aesthetic and strength gains anything less is endurance training and beneficial for cardiac function rather than fat loss.  There are various ways to progress an exercise, knowing when, how, and to what degree is imperative to long term success. 

No regression - It is contradictory to the previous statement but highly important.  Regression in your program allows for focusing on form, movement patterns, and improving range of motion. Knowing when to regress an exercise is imperative to continued improvement.

No personalization - Obviously we have different body types, capabilities, limitations, and goals so why choose a one size fits some approach with your exercise program.  

Small group training allows for more personalized attention to form, progression & regression, fun, accountability, and encouragement!


Benefits of a Properly Designed Strength Training Program:

  • Improved Confidence 
  • Improved Metabolic Function 
  • Decrease Fat
  • Increased Strength, Balance, & Flexibility 
  • Improved Mental Focus
  • Increase Lean Muscle Tissue 
  • Improved Speed
  • And SO MUCH MORE!!!!

Groups – form your own group of 4 and select a session  OR join a group during one of the listed times and make new friends with similar goals!!!

No contracts and affordable rates!

***Reserve your sessions in advance groups will be limited to 4 per session***

Wellness Weekends

Gather some friends for a relaxing weekend away that recharges your fitness and wellness routine. I'll gladly discuss fitness related topics of your choosing or mine, prepare healthy meals, and incorporate fun fitness activities.  

The cost per person will vary depending on the menu and location of the event. 

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